Sunday, August 18, 2013

to be alone is to be

Today is day one of two weeks without the hubs. Almost every year he goes on a camping trip with his father where they survive in the woods, hiking and camping. As I dropped him off at the airport a thin air of loneliness came over me, as it does every year. Then I thought about all the things I want to get done, like mega cleaning the house, maybe making some crafts, and hanging out with the girls. I came home, ate some breakfast and as I scrolled through facebook, I noticed some people seem unhappy and talk about their single status and loneliness as the source of their unhappiness.

Being with someone does not equate to happiness. I learned early on in my 20s that to be truly happy with someone else, one must first be happy alone. And now, after 10 years of marriage I know that is still true. When we have opposite schedules I am often relieved to have some alone time. It's good for my soul to be completely quiet without the influence of another person, even the one I love the most.

I've also learned recently that we are both alone and yet never alone. We are a part of something bigger. We are not only a part of the human race, we are a part of this world, this universe. We are one. With what? With everything. And yet we are alone. We each walk our own path and are responsible solely for our own path. And so, while a part of me is sad and misses my hubs, I know that we are separated only by distance. We are still connected. As I am connected to you. I know I am not alone. Neither are you. xoxo