Thursday, February 7, 2013

lessons in certainty...the uncertain

day 6 of unemployment: today i am making a vegan creamy potato soup. potato soup and the rain are the only certain things for today.

every week hubs and i go to sutra study on wednesday night and every week i am challenged. each week the teachings touch on something i am dealing with. last night we talked about attachment and desire for certainty. obvi what i'm dealing with now is my unemployment/underemployment. currently i am unemployed, but i know soon another project will come along. but the big picture is i am underemployed. and that is the part that is so hard to accept. i admitted last night that i am angry. i feel like i deserve to have a permanent position where i can get on with my career and have the financial ability to buy a home or start a family.

as i said this very thing out loud, i was then reminded that even if i had that position there is no guarantee i wouldn't be fired, laid off, transferred or that i am even physically able to have a baby. and i had to admit that i recently had a conversation with my hubby's uncle who said in all his years, even he is waiting for his life to settle down.

so i learned my lesson that there is no certainty in life. and waiting for that perfect job to live my life is foolish.

in the meantime, as always, i am grateful for what i have today, this moment. i have my health. i have a roof over my head to keep me warm from the slushy rain and snow that has been coming down all day. i have some yummy smelling potato soup on the stove to warm my belly later. i have my wonderful hubby who encourages me and loves me.

i am also very thankful i live in such a cool city that i get to go to the art museum and admire amazing art (for free if you are an Illinois resident!). here are some pics i took in my "Ferris Beuller's day off" adventure. Sans Cubs game, sans Ferrari.

starting out with some impressionists...

Eve. she doesn't look so bad!

 Moving on to the Modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. Opened in 2009.
i love shit like this - interactive, meaningful and fun

yes, i ate a piece. a carefully selected red candy. tasted like cherry.
Jackson Pollock

Mao wearing blue eyeshadow. Andy Warhol.


Back to the ancient stuff...
Who knew the creature from Where The Wild Things Are existed in 8th century Asia?


proof that my dog is an ancient breed of chubbylapdogness

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