Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring O-Higan

today is the celebration of the spring o-higan, the spring equinox. there was a nice service this morning during which i read the 6 paramitas. they are:
1. dana - generosity
2. sila - morality
3. kshanti - forbearance
4. virya - perserverance
5. dhyana - meditation
6. prajna - wisdom.

wisdom is the most important and will come from practicing the other 5 paramitas.

hubby remarked, as we often notice, that there are similarities between the buddhist ceremonies and native american ceremonies. today during the o-higan service the altar was decorated with flowers, as usual, but also with fruits and small cakes. setting out food during ceremonies is common in native american ceremonies.

small similarities like this have made it easy for me to practice buddhism. i was raised christian and attended baptist churches. but my mom and grandma always taught me small tidbits about our people's ways. so when i see the same symbols, it is familiar and it is comforting.

we are approaching a year on my grandma's passing. buddhists have a one year memorial just as we will have one for grandma. this too is comforting. i miss her greatly and listen for her voice and her presence when i am quiet and still.

things are right for me now. i feel a calmness i have not felt in a long time. i am thankful for my grandma's life, for the lessons she taught me and i hope that one day, i will be remembered as she is, as a woman who loved her family above all else.

I caught Grandma taking a nap during one of our day long family gatherings. She took little cat naps. I loved it.

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