Friday, July 20, 2012


What girl doesn't dream of Paris and the romance the city promises to bring? I have been a Paris dreamer for a very long time. I bumbled my way through 2 semesters of community college French courses where my teacher dared us to make our dreams come true. She dutifully taught us the importance of, at the very least, attempting to speak the native language wherever your travels may take you. In 2007, my dreams came true when my hubby and I spent 12 days in the city of lights. It has been my dream ever since to see and eat the rest of our way through the French countryside. A few years ago, I happily found out by looking at a picture from the family Bible (on my pop's side) that my Great-great-great-grandfather was born in France! le sigh!

To my great surprise, my hubby found this wonderful little event for us to go to on Bastille Day last weekend and we had the sweetest time.

 It is the little things in life that make me happy and hubby was so thoughtful to suggest spending our Saturday night at the Bastille Day celebration.

Of course, I had to take a pic of the one of the French Bulldogs who came to partake in the festivities.

AND! I ate my first ever (and second) macaron. YUM!

I had a pistachio and raspberry. Someday soon when the blazes of summer have cooled off a bit I would like to try my hand at this difficult yet delicate petit biscuit.

Until then, I will happily dream my way to France on Pinterest. Bon nuit mes amies! xx

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