Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sum-sum-summer time!

Summer is here and we like to hang out at our beach on the weekends. I love to people watch and am intrigued by all of the vendors.

I think the cotton candy is absolutely perfect. Fluffy, colorful and each one is perfectly sized.

The guys and girls that sell the beach toys amaze me, too. They wear their wares as they walk amongst the beach-goers. It's gotta be so hot underneath all that plastic!

Chicago in the summer time is the best time of the year, just ask any native Chicagoan.  There is so much to do with all of the street festivals, music festivals and awesome events. I think today we might get out into one of the street fests. One of our favorites is Taste of Randolph. What are you getting into this weekend?? Have fun! xoxo

P.S. this was my first attempt at making some collages. I think I did ok. . .


  1. aw! That looks like fun! I need to book a flight down to see you! I miss you, girl!

    PS this is Katie :D I commented on your first post and just now realized that you might not know who was saying "I love you" to you! o_O

    1. Hi Katie,

      1st of all, of course, I knew it was you on the first post. I could just tell. The name threw me off for a second but I knew.

      2nd of all, sorry for not replying. I need to get better at that. I have lots of facebook messages, emails and texts that I mean to reply to and it takes me forever and sometimes I forget. Oops!

      3rd, I miss you, too! We still talk about driving up to see you on the way to see his mom and sis. It's gonna happen!

      Thanks for being what appears to be my first regular reader! :) xoxo

    2. aw! Of course! Love you lots!